Sockeye in Cook Inlet

This article was found in  Pacific Fishing magazine in the February edition. This is great news for the Cook Inlet commercial fisherman , especially the set netters that got hit hard in the 2012 season with so many emergency closures . For the last 20 years the average sockeye harvest in Upper Cook Inlet has been 3.8 million. This year for the 2013 season Alaska Department of Fish and Game is estimating a harvest of 4.9 million. Hopefully this pans out well for the set netters and the chinook run is good this year because set netters suffered from their lowest harvest in 46 years last season. The Kenai RIver is a huge salmon fishery for both anglers and commercial fishermen and with most of the Upper Cook Inlet sockeyes running onto the Kenai River this could be a good year for both parties.  images-1

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