The Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna

The Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna (in official scientific circles, they like to call me Thunnus thynnus)Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna

I’m here for (select one):

  • Networking (I want people to know who I am so they think twice about ordering toro at their local sushi resto!).

My status:   Endangered Species

Hometown: I can be found off Newfoundland and Iceland, as well as the tropical waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean Sea, where I go to spawn.BFT Home

Body Type: I am a pretty big guy — one of the biggest in the ocean — measuring as long as 4 m (13 ft) and weighing as much as 250 kilos (550 lbs).   I am a gorgeous metallic blue on top and shimmering silver-white on the bottom — these differing colors are my camouflage from predators (mostly those pesky fishermen).

Children — I am a spawner — and I like to do it in very large groups easily seen from above   which makes me vulnerable to commercial fishermen.   I am also a type of fish that does “natal-homing’ which means I go back to where I was born to reproduce.

I don’t smoke or drink alcohol — isn’t being an endangered species enough of a risk? But really, I just don’t have time for it b/c I spend all of my time eating — I cannot get enough of smaller fish (like sardines), crustaceans, squid, and eels — and I am constantly filter feeding on zooplankton. Hey, one’s got keep his weight if he’s going to be competitive out there!

– My Fav Music: Just the sound of water and bubbles rushing past me as I cruise through the ocean and seas at up to 70 km/hour! My crescent shaped tail and streamlined body enable this but I have another cool trick for reducing drag: I can retract my pectoral and dorsal fins!

– My Fav Book: Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea is my favorite book — every time I read it, I think if it had been a tuna that old man had caught, he would have gotten away!

– My Fav Hobby: I heart traveling!   I love to swim from North American to European waters, even the Med. I have even done this several times in one year — it helps having such blood soaked muscles to give me the strength to do that.

–   My Heros: All the organizations that are trying to ban fishing on Blue Fin Tuna and inform the world about our plight. Keep providing more sustainable alternatives to blue fin, especially in the sushi industry! Monterey Bay Aquarium has been especially helpful getting the word out — check out their clear info on why you should avoid eating me!

Check out this You Tube video that talks about the overfishing of my species:

Pew Environmental Video

Here I am last summer hanging out with my family!



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