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imagesHello I am the geoduck, my scientific name is Panopea generosa. I am also called the elephant trunk clam.


geoducks_forsale_smallUnknown  The difference between male and female geoducks are males mature at an earlier age and males are generally smaller than females.

Geoducks are broadcast spawners. That means when the timing is right the females release their eggs into the water column and the males release their sperm. Females carry millions and millions of eggs but only release one or tow million each spawning session. Geoducks reach maturity to spawn at age 3 and have been known to spawn at ages up to 107.Geoducks don’t seem to loose fecundity with age. Every year geoducks spawn and this occurs during the summer. In Alaska commercial fishing for geoducks is only open from October to May to allow the geoducks to spawn. Geoducks have low recruitment and scarce juveniles.

Geoducks feed on photo plankton and do not have many predators.

We can be found all the way from Newport Bay, California up to South East Alaska and Kodiak Island. Our heaviest concentration is in South East Alaska by Suemez Island, Backer Island, Lulu Island and Noyes Island.  We range from the  zero tidal mark to 100 meter depths. Geoducks to not migrate and stay in their area for life just moving to deeper and shallower water . We can be found buried up to 2 meters under the surface. Our favorite place to live is in fine substrates that are easy for us to burrow into. substrates such as sand, mud and gravel.

Our enemies our the star fish and sea otter mainly. Sea otters have been increasing in population in our area and are the main predator depleting our populations. Commercial fishing for us is only allowed by permit. Since we burrow so deep we can only be recreationally dug for during very low tides.

We are not very active, we stay burrowed underground most the time with just our siphon sticking out to feed.

We can reach up to ten pounds and the oldest geoduck found was 168 years old. We reach our maximum size around age 15. We are also the worlds largest burrowing clam.



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  1. These things are so cool. they are huge. also i did not realize that these things can be found near where i used to live, i never knew. guess i need to go back and see if i can find some for myself. good project idea.

  2. This is so creative! I would have never thought to make my fish profile on this. Great pics. I never really knew much about geoducks before I read your profile, and now I am interested in seeing one in real life!

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