Bristol Bay herring forecast for the 2013 season

Just last month in the Pacific Fishing magazine I read an article  about population predictions on herring in Alaska. Prince William sound will remain closed to fishing for herring due to the low numbers of fish stock since the 90’s. However,Bristol Bay, which produces Alaska’s largest herring by volume will see a substantial increase. In 2012 the fisheries quota was 21,652 tons and only 17,226 tons were caught. Fish and Game forecast the 2013 season to have a good run. The allowable catch for this season is 30,056 tons. Most of this herring will be sold to Japan, primarily for their roe


Loy, Wesley. “Lotsa Herring, a Little Herring, and a Herring Heads Up.”  Pacific FishingDec. 2012: 24. Print.

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