Man catches giant Blue Fin Tuna

Marc Towers, a recreational fisherman landed a 1000lb plus Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna off the coast of Nova Scotia. The large fish was later sold to the Japanese food fish market where it ultimately yielded over 20,000 pieces of Sushi.   Towers has been catching a lot of flack from various animal rights groups over his landing and subsequent sale of the giant fish. While it is true that Blue Fin Tuna populations the world over have diminished significantly due to overfishing, I highly doubt that recreational sport fishing contributes any measurable amount to the decline. While I cannot imagine how exciting it must have been to land that fish, it does always make me a little sad to see such a magnificent fish hanging dead and upside down at the dock. If you would like to read more about Marc Towers and his large catch, follow this link:

3 thoughts on “Man catches giant Blue Fin Tuna”

  1. Tuna is a special fish, it is in high demand, but they have been overfished in some cases. We need to watch how we are fishing, and if it affects other organisms. Although I do love to catch the “Big” one once-and-a-while.

  2. Until the rise of sport fishing in the 1900’s, the only fishery for the Bluefin was the matanza of the Mediterranean. The sport fisherman simply caught the tuna, snapped a picture, and threw the carcass away. Their flesh was considered too fatty, and was worth little more than a picture. It wasn’t until after World War II that the commercial tuna fishery gained ground. The Japanese began developing a longline fishery in the open ocean and their catch peaked at 30,000 tons in the 1950’s. More recent changes in how we catch tuna has led to their subsequent overfishing. I agree that we really need to watch how we are fishing.

  3. I really hope that tuna stocks are able to recover. It is so difficult to implement anything because they cover so much territory across many countries.

    While sport fishing may have a small impact, their high price creates a huge incentive to catch too many.

    Also, I had no idea about the early history of tuna fishing.

    I love to fish, but I am not alright wish catching something that can’t sustain the fishing pressure it already has.

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