Canadian Snakehead Fish Dealer Sent to the Slammer.

Through a recent undercover operation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife personnel were able to contact and persecute a man based in Toronto who was illegally selling the highly invasive snakehead fish.

The snakehead fish is both an Asian delicacy and also used in the aquarium trade. U.S. officials are worried about the introduction of these fish into new areas as they are highly aggressive, and extremely hearty. Snakefish are already a problem in areas of Maine and Florida, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service is doing everything they can to stop the introduction of these fish. They are an incredibly robust species with very sharp teeth, the ability to live without water for four days, and rapid growth and reproduction rates.

Muk Leung Ip, the man charged with the offense, has been sentenced to 60 days in jail, and fined $90,530. I had no idea that the sentencing was so steep for such an offense. This is definitely not something that is being taken lightly!


Allie Bateman
Full article:–man-sentenced-to-60-days-in-jail-90-530-in-fines-for-selling-vicious-snakehead-fish

Snakehead fish can grow to be huge!

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