New Food for Aquaculture

A British entrepreneur named, Jason Drew has an idea on how to solve one of the most troublesome aquaculture’s issues, which is what will we use to feed the growing numbers of farmed fish.

Currently, farm-raised fish and shrimp need abundant amount of animal protein in their diet, which usually comes from fish meal. According to the article, it takes about 3 pounds of fish to produce 1 pound of farmed salmon. This conversion rate is the issue at hand and aquaculture experts are looking for a solution, which will not deplete wild fish stocks.

Jason Drew’s solution came to him, when he came across a sea of blood, covered in a frenzy of flies. Consulting with few scientists, he was persuaded that flies could reprocess the protein in animal blood and replace fish meal.

He started a fly factory and is already selling Magmeal to South African salmon and chicken farms. He says his factory will be producing 100 tons of fly meal a day. “That’s 100 tons we don’t have to take out of the sea,” he says. “And we can’t keep up with demand.”

Other possible solutions are also mention at the end of the article.

Xavier Lonewolf

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