Gila trout are now being returned home after a forest fire in New Mexico

The Gila trout is native to New Mexico and Arizona but since 2006 they have been on the endangered species act and are only found in four rivers in the Gila National Forest.

During a fire in New Mexico in the Gila National Forest- four months ago- the trout were taken from the waters, and deposited in a hatchery for safe keeping. At the time of the fire there was potential flooding of the forests streams along with ash and charred debris. The trout were put in a huge tank and loaded into a helicopter that took them to a hatchery at the other end of the state. U.S Fish and Wildlife were able to use emergency funds to pay for the recuse and the return process of the trout.

Since the fire wildlife managers have been monitoring the area to decide when to bring the fish back home.

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Deven Lisac

I am a UAF graduate from 2013 with my BA in Fisheries and a minor in Business. I enjoy to learn and have decided to take more fisheries classes to stay current.

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  1. WOW! What an interesting read you found! I wonder what made the Gila trout on the endangered species act in the first place? Were they commercially fished, or are they just not a resilient trout in this area in the National Forest? I want to look further into this once the fish are all returned. I know some species do not do well during transportation efforts, and many will die from the stress of it.

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