Reservoir release could harm fishery.

The calm Big Wood River below Magic Reservoir had a change in pace this past monday, October 29, 2012.  According to Doug Megargle, regional fisheries manager for Idaho Department of Fish and Game, “It’s going to be unfishable. It’s going to be unsafe. I certainly would’t recommend fishing down there.”  This sudden change in the river is the result of water being released from the reservoir, so repairs can be made.  The plan is to reduce the water level in the reservoir by a third within 10 days.  This is a lot of water coming at a very high rate.  This will cause extensive damage to the river and to the animals who live in it.  Apparently the reservoir company knew the release of water was needed for about a year, but rather then letting it out gradually over the past year they are releasing it over a period of about 10 days.  Many people are up in arms over the decision, not even Fish and Game could stop it.  It is expected to cause some damage to the fish living in the river, but they are expected to make a recovery over time.  They are hoping the fish can, “hunker down and weather it out.”

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  1. Companies like this one should be better regulated so they have to cooperate with the Department of Fish and Game. It’s a shame the department has so little power over the resource it is protecting.

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