PETA….at it again…

First off i would like to offer that I in no way intend to offend any classmate or anyone for that matter who may be a member of PETA or a supporter of. That said in my personal opinion PETA is OUT OF THERE MIND! and in quite hilarious fashion with this there newest campaign. The short of it; remake the image of fish to the public and how? by advocating folks refer to them and see them as…drum roll…”SEA KITTENS”!……WOW. I think the group has really lost all connection with reality on this one. In no way shape or form do i advocate un-necessary or violent cruelty to animals, fish, reptiles, birds..any living creature, but as a species and a member of the food web of earth, we have to eat and harvest (kill) everything that we derive energy from, fish themselves do the same, everything but producers do this! again i agree that cruelty against any living thing is wrong, but they’ve taken this way too far..and should maybe take a look at how 99% of the real world functions and feeds itself. I apologize if i have come off too opinionated but this is just ridiculous. Here is the link to the article i read about this

6 thoughts on “PETA….at it again…”

  1. I think the intent to try and get the public to see that fish are as awesome as cats or dogs is a great thing. However trying to convince the public that fish are cute and cuddly like kittens is a wast of time and dosent make any sence. humans have a long history of having dogs/cats as companions, and consuming fish. so now the dog musher feeds his dog sled team ‘seakittens”? thats not right, now dogs are the bad guys

  2. “Sea kittens”? Because fish are clearly the most pertinent victims of animal cruelty.

    I understand not wanting to be excessively cruel in our fishing habits, but too many people rely on fish protein for survival to advocate for the removal of these fish in people’s diets is just not going to work.

  3. Really it doesn’t matter what people call or think about fish. People need to eat and fish is a major source of food. Renaming fish “sea kittens” will not change the amount of fish that are harvested. There are animals which are victims of animal cruelty much worse than fish, these animals should be a bigger priority for PETA, not trying to gain peoples affection towards fish.

  4. I believe PETA needs to focus on real issues that are over exploitation and abused animals, not things that are well managed and important to local peoples. These wild fish are not being abuse and changing the name to sea kitten to bring attention silly.

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