Evidence of carp keeps lake watchers on edge

This article reports that Asian carp DNA has been found in Lake Erie.   This is devastating news for the Great Lakes because the Asian carp has the potential   to completely devastate and destroy most living organisms and ecosystems in the Great Lakes.   It is such a huge threat to all the Great Lakes because they can produce 2.2 million eggs every spawning season.   The Asian Carp can grow extremely rapidly and can reach reproduction age within a year or two.   They can live up to 20 years and grow 4 feet and over a 100lbs.   These fish can mate up to three times a year.   There has not been an Asian carp caught in Lake Erie yet but its’ eDNA has been found in water samples.   This might cause havoc in the great lakes and their 7 billion dolor a year fishing industry.   The DNR of Ohio is working closely with other agency and fisherman to come to a better conclusion on why the DNA is showing up the the lake.



Also check out this article about the Asian Carp on the Illinois river and how bad they can get.   The video at the bottom of the article is cool.




2 thoughts on “Evidence of carp keeps lake watchers on edge”

  1. I watched a television show about a local town on the Illinois River. Every year they hold a competition to see who can catch the most Asian carp with nets. Hundreds of fish are caught and it is a good way to attempt to control the invasive species. The show however also states that the invasion is probably irreversible. I would imagine that were ever the species manages to end up the results will be devastating to the native population.

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