Fake Fish

A news story posted on ABC News, brings to question “what are you really eating”?   Tilapia for red snapper; catfish for grouper; oil fish standing in for cod; farm-raised shrimp and salmon in place of wild caught. It is believed that of the seafood sold and market in the U.S., that between 20% to 70% is not what it is labeled to actually be! So for every three seafood products that you but, one may be of the mystery fish variety. The FDA has failed to do anything about this problem. It is estimated that only 2% of seafood imported and  sold in the   U.S., has actually been tested. There are laws against mis-labeling of seafood, but without the proper testing, the laws are rarely enforced. So the next time you are in a store or restaurant, step back and consider what you may be eating!


On the bright side:

The National Fisheries Institute, the nation’s largest seafood trade association, started the Better Seafood Board in 2007 to deal with fish fraud.

The FDA has purchased five DNA testing machines and hopes to start testing for fish fraud by the end of the year.



I would like to thank ABC News, for the contribution of information used in this blog.

Karl Haering


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