Fan O’Fish

1.) Northern Pike, Esox lucius

Pike, Jackfish, Alaskan Alligators




3.) The majority of large pike are females and can live and grow for up too 30 years


4.) Pike mate in the spring and there is some migrating involved, generally when high waters of spring allow the fish to move in and out of lakes easily. Males will tend to hang around for a few weeks after mating probably deeming them seasonally monogamous.


5.) Opportunistic Predators that eating whatever will fit in its mouth, I caught one in a gill net on the Birch Creek with a small beaver in its stomach. I have caught them with a nail and a piece of a salsa jar lid tied to it also. My girlfriend and I were in the boat plucking ducks over the side and pike were grabbing at the feathers we were throwing overboard. I even have a few friends with bite marks as well so I guess they will eat anything.


6)  Prefer clear slow moving water found in lakes, streams and rivers. Some weeds and submerged debris and plants are great habitat for them to hide out in, especially grassy lakes along the edge. They found throughout the world in the Northern Hemisphere. Pike are also considered an invasive species in some areas due to stocking or being illegally introduced depending on the area.


7) Generally Pike are lethargic ambush predators that hang out around confluences of two water bodies like where a stream or slough would connect a lake to a river or submerged culverts under roads.   Pike tend to migrate simply to follow food in the winter months as waters freeze and become shallow they head to deeper pools near to food sources. However from past experience spring time pike are famished and will eat anything mainly because they are so skinny from a long hard winter.


8.) A pikes only enemies are mainly people and other pike. Some smaller pike have a tendency to band together in a similar wolf pack like mentality but they are probably just hiding in the same spots and flash towards the same piece of potential food.


I am a fairly new student and have recently changed careers after working construction for 12 years. I grew up in the Yukon Flats and ANWR and have lived here most of my life. I currently live in Fort Yukon and have a great interest in the fisheries surrounding these areas. I slowly became involved with the federal fish and wildlife regulatory process and the state fish and wildlife regulatory process as well. Being on a few different boards, councils and panels I slowly learned the complexity of the fisheries and wanted to learn more about them and the complex land issues regarding the Yukon Flats. I work full time for the Council of Athabascan Tribal Governments (CATG) Natural Resources Dept as a NR Tech. CATG is a consortium of 10 tribes in the Yukon Flats and we have a few projects that we do area wide. I have been working here for 2 years and have been involved with fisheries since 2007 and have been a subsistence hunter/fisherman my entire life.

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