Non-Rural Areas are not Subsistence Areas

This is not “new” news, however, I have been studying alot about these regulations lately and did not know these things. I hope that someone finds it to be useful information.

On July 1 1990, the Federal subsistence management program began managing wildlife resources on public lands. In 1992:   the state Established Non-Subsistence Areas. The joint Boards of Fish and Game established non-subsistence areas around Fairbanks, Anchorage-Mat-Su-, Kenai, Juneau and Ketchikan where subsistence uses would not be allowed, subsistence regulations in these areas were then repealed. Five months later, Valdez was added to the list. Proposals for additional areas include game management unit 13 and all roaded areas . The specific areas that are around Wasilla (where I live) that are included in this regulation are Wasilla, Palmer, Sutton, Big Lake, Houston, Point MacKenzie, and Bodenburg Butte.

Under the customary and traditional use section of a link I found on the department of fish and game’s website, (   the federal subsistence board decides which communities and areas have traditionally used a species. Each unit lists these customary and traditional use determinations along with seasons and harvest limits and any special provisions. When there is a positive determination for a specific community or area, only the residents of that community have a federal subsistence priority for that species in that game unit and they are eligible to hunt, fish,  or trap under these regulations. Regional and village native corporation lands are considered private lands and are under state management authority.

The knik tribal council provides a permit that the members can obtain for a limited period of time but it must be shared and is not a “subsistence permit’ it is considered a learning permit for youth. They had to call it that to get around the federal mandate that Wasilla is a non-subsistence community. I do not know if any other “non subsistence areas” have this type of permit.

You may propose changes to…

l Federal subsistence season dates

l Harvest limits

l Methods and means of harvest

l Customary and traditional use determination


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