This may not be new news to anyone else but I was surprised to learn about it and found it interesting.

Apparently the felt fishing shoes and waders are transporting organisms and invasive species’ around the fresh waters of Alaska.

According to the Department of Fish and Game’s website at  , this law is effective January 1st, 2012. This law, actually, is not new. It was adopted by the agency in 2010 to help reduce the spread of contaminates to other bodies of water by sport fishers and anglers. Although harmful organisms can be spread by boats, fishing poles, lures, and anything else that gets put in the water, these felt soles can harbor and transport more bacteria because of the  porous consistency.

To reduce the spread of invasive species’, all fisherman, boaters, and anyone who uses public waters, should rinse any equipment that is in the water as soon as possible and before putting it in a new body of water. Popular equipment that should be rinsed can include all gear, boats, boat trailers, waders and water shoes, life jackets, bilge pumps, coolers, and buckets. It is also recommended that the items be allowed to dry completely before going in the water again. Mud and debris are also a major carrier of bacteria and should be removed if possible.

Decontamination can be done with bleach water, a high heat dryer, or by freezing. The article did mention that bleach can sometimes degrade the life of the  item it is being used on so this sometimes may not be the best idea.

To report  an invasive species or for more information, please contact the above website or you can call 1-877-INVASIV.



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