glacier bay NPS vs. Hoonah

these are a coupel of pages from the same site addressing th econflict between the aestetics of th enational park system and the rights of the community of Hoonah to feed itself in traditional manners and in traditional locales.

the Tlingit of hoonah used to occupy what is now glacier bay national park before the last period of glaciation and have ancient claim to the area.

the park service has for decades banned subsistence use.

it is an ongoing question of rights. really an interesting one, these pages are a bit heavy but if you have a minute its a great history lesson, even if its not quite news.

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  1. Wow this will take some more reading on my part but it is very interesting on many levels. Stories like this is a part of what drove me into the entire regulatory process on the state and federal level. I am just trying to make honest people out of all my friends that are being criminalized for trying to feed themselves whioe being good stewards of the land which is our grocery store and dinner table. Some people don’t always understand that concept. Also I think the Jensen guy inthe article was on the Pot O’ Gold videos from week 6 videos.

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