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The Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation Economic Impact Update for 2010 explains how PWSAC has a significant impact on Alaska commercial salmon fisheries in Prince William Sound and how PWSAC is developing sustainable salmon fisheries for Alaska and the world. PWSAC has also issued an economic impact analysis of the 2011 Main Bay/Coghill Hatchery enhanced sockeye return. The MBH was originally built in 1981 as a chum hatchery, operating at no cost to the state, before switching to become the first sockeye smolt producing hatchery in the world in 1986. Even though an IHNV (Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus) was found in production saltwater net pens of sockeye smolts at Main Bay Hatchery in Alaska in 1993, the PWSAC operation at this location has remained more successful at salmon enhancement and cost-recovery than other organizations in the state such as CIAA.

Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation

2011MBH/Coghill Sockeye Return:

Main Bay Hatchery:

Prince William Sound commercial salmon fishermen have benefited greatly from PWSAC hatchery operations since 1990. Favorable salmon prices and excellent hatchery returns have provided $196 million worth of salmon to common property fisheries since 2007. Since 1990, PWSAC has contributed $403 million to common property fisheries.

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