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About me: My name is Gavin Leif and I am a leafy sea dragon

Who I’d like to meet: I would like to meet a career-minded woman to compliment my desire to be a stay at home Dad.



General: You might call me lazy because sometimes I find a spot I like so much that I may not move for up to 68 hours.

Music: I like anything classical.

Movie: My favorite movie is, The amazing adventures of Gavin, a Leafy Seadragon.

Television: Bayou Billionaires is my favorite show because rednecks make me laugh uncontrollably.

Books: The Secret Life of Pi

Hero: My hero is South Australia for making me their official marine emblem.


I’m here for (select one)

  • Serious Relationship

Marital Status: single, I had a wife but she was kidnapped and entered the illegal trade of sea horses for home aquariums.

Hometown: Seaweedville

Sexual Orientation: I like a female that lets me do the hard work.

Body Type: camouflage

Ethnicity: Phycodurus eques

Religion: My religion is based on the Leafy Sea Dragon Festival of South Australia.

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Children: Each attempt at reproduction I am working with about 250 eggs on my tail.

Education: Scripps Institution of Oceanography where I investigated the evolutionary relationships of the Syngnathidae and the DNA variation of the two seadragon species across their ranges.

Occupation: My job is to hold the eggs my wife made until they hatch.

Income: minimal, I distribute just enough seaweed for trade to get by because the plants grow wild in my neighborhood.

Smoke/Drink: I don’t smoke or drink but I like to suck up small crustaceans, such as amphipods and mysid shrimp, plankton and larval fish through my long, pipe-like snout

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