Andrew Firmin


I am a fairly new student and have recently changed careers after working construction for 12 years. I grew up in the Yukon Flats and ANWR and have lived here most of my life. I currently live in Fort Yukon and have a great interest in the fisheries surrounding these areas. I slowly became involved with the federal fish and wildlife regulatory process and the state fish and wildlife regulatory process as well. Being on a few different boards, councils and panels I slowly learned the complexity of the fisheries and wanted to learn more about them and the complex land issues regarding the Yukon Flats. I work full time for the Council of Athabascan Tribal Governments (CATG) Natural Resources Dept as a NR Tech. CATG is a consortium of 10 tribes in the Yukon Flats and we have a few projects that we do area wide. I have been working here for 2 years and have been involved with fisheries since 2007 and have been a subsistence hunter/fisherman my entire life.

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