Flying Carp… More than just a fish story

 Posted by Kameron McGrath:

Imagine driving your boat on a river and all of a sudden have a 10-20 pound fish jumping at you. The reason that these carp are thought to be jumping out of the water is becuase of the noise or vibration of boat motors. These big head carp were brought over from China in 1973 to help control water quality and control plankton populations in catfish farms in Arkansas. These fish were placed in ponds where flooding is a normal occurrence there for releasing these “Flying” carp in to nearby rivers. The main rivers the carp were able to escape into were the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers where they have been moving farther north ever since. In some parts of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, some of the carp have been recorded to grow as large as 40- 50 lbs. Although these carp may not be able to just out of the water as high they still cause problem for commercial fishermen that still  pull nets for the carp have ruined a lot of equipment.

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