Angelfish Chompers

Posted by Connor Cleary: Some new studies looking at how exactly angelfish feed have produced some interesting results. The article explains how most fish use one of two tactics to hunt their free floating prey in the water column,  suction feeding or ram feeding.  The angelfish, however,  has an evolved jaw mouth that allows it to get into place where normal fishes wouldn’t go. The Angelfish has a jaw that it can extend out a couple inches, which is a lot compared to their body size, and scrape, rip, and tear their intended subject. The benefits of having expendable jaws is that it gives the fish an advantage of getting into small tight places where tiny prey tend to hide. Not only do they have an extra joint allowing them to grasp onto their prey,but their teeth are bristle-like giving them extra grip. They mostly only go after sponges, algae, anemones and plankton. However, with this adaption they can look for these food sources in all sorts of different areas. This fish has learned to use this adaptation in utilize niches around the reef. Depending if they go after free floating food, there has been adaptations observed to maximize their efficiency. Those that choose to go after food stuck in rocks and crevasse have changed their belly shapes.

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