Tropical Fish Aquarium Disease

Posted by Scott Leorna:  When a person decides to acquire an aquarium with tropical fish, they should be aware of the potential diseases, medications, and symptoms of unhealthy fish, and the repercussions produced by inadequate water quality. When a diagnosis can be reached, the owner should also know what actions to take to restore health and longevity of their fish and aquarium. Common causes of tropical fish disease in aquariums are due to stresses associated with the transferring and water quality issues presented when introducing these fish to an aquarium. This article from addresses how to identify specific tropical fish diseases and treatment required with each individual issue. This link will direct you to the site for more specific information.  

3 thoughts on “Tropical Fish Aquarium Disease”

  1. In the Slana, Ak. community, the water I have for potable water is deep well water that has iron sulfate precipitates. I have to filter the water and let it stand for 24 hours to use it for fish aquariums. The little critters need all the help they can get. It is difficult to control pH, temperature, etc….

  2. Starting with good water is important. The next step is introducing the correct balance of nutrients and the proper mixture of minerals to provide the ecosystem that imitates the tropical fish’s natural ecosystem. The predators, prey and symbiotic species of fish and macro-organisms and micro-organisms are the difficult items to imitate. Why not let the tropical fish live in their natural ecosystems and study and admire them there. Might there be fewer “Aquarium Diseases”?

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