Rivers are being sucked dry

Posted by Brayden Holt: In Sonoma County California, vineyards have been sucking the river water out of rivers resulting in 60 deaths of Coho salmon and endangered fish species in the last three years. Some vineyards are pumping around  50 gallons  of water from the small streams per minute for each acre of plants for frost-damage prevention, causing  some smaller tribuitaries  to  be sucked  dry.    This also proves to be deadly during the winter when there isn’t as much water flowing and yet lots of water is being pumped then the fish have no place to live. The county placed rules saying that vineyard people have to fill out an ordinance in order to use water from the streams. Many people think that the fish are fine and are saying that the farmers are in danger. Many fish are indanger of the rivers having to much water taken out of them. Some of the toles taken on the river could perminantly damage the ecosystem in which they live and how many of the animals live around and in the rivers.


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  1. Out west, many once permanent streams are becoming intermittent and ephemeral because of water withdrawals. Water is becoming a more and more scarce commodity, and fish often suffer for it! Good article!

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