Sex life of Deep-Sea Creatures Always a Surprise

Posted by Amanda Rosenberger:     Check out this recent article from the BBC regarding promiscuous and bisexual behavior of a deep-sea squid, Octopoteuthis deletron.   Apparently males will exchange their ‘sperm packets’ with any other squid individual they come across, regardless of sex.   Researchers suggest that this is a strategy for males to make sure that they never miss a mating opportunity in a system where meeting a conspecific is a rare occurrence.   I wonder if that conclusion is simply based on the assumptions we talked about yesterday – that all species should have an ecology that maximizes fitness.   I wonder if it simply not a costly enough behavior in terms of fitness to be selected against; therefore, it continues.   An assumption that everything a creature does is somehow adaptive is actually a bit counter-intuitive to me.   What do you think?

A female deep-sea squid


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