Volcanic Eruption Responsible for Increase in Fish Population?

Posted by Andrew Dimond:  There has been much recent speculation that a volcanic eruption on an Alaskan Island back in 2008 is potentially responsible for a sharp increase in fish population in runs in British Colombia.  In 2009, the salmon population was on a sharp decline, but this year the populations made a drastic recovery.  The theory is that the iron from the volcanic ash produced a massive boom in phytoplankton populations which was a vital food source for the sockeye salmon of that river increased the survival rate of the run that year.

This theory was introduced by a Canadian scientist by the name of Tim Parsons, who is well known throughout Canada.  IF this theory is looked into further, it may provide evidence to support the addition of iron to the oceans to help replenish depleted fish runs.  Though it is only just an idea at this point, humans track record with intervening in ecosystems is not too positive and as such it would take a lot of proof before this idea is actually attempted.

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