Don’t Forget the Crab

Posted by Melissa Rhodes-Reese:   For all of you who asked, “Why do I have to go to the store to get seafood? Why cant I just get it at the vending machine at the train station??” Your questions have been answered. A company in China has cut the middleman out of seafood sales and put them directly into vending machines. The crabs are kept at temperatures to keep their metabolism low, which puts them in a “hibernation’ like state. You can to this to many difference species of crab to guarantee live fresh transport of the animal (think about alive fresh crab on ice, its doing the same thing). The company is so sure of live arrival that they will replace any dead crab received with 3 live ones for the inconvenience. I highly recommend you watch the video (even though it isnt in English) to get the full effect on what it would be like to get a crab from a vending machine. Now I know this is not exactly “news’ but I checked it out and this is a real thing — not to mention something that could very well become a real thing in our futures. Definitely something to think about.

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