Cool new gear to help preserve fish quality!

Posted by Kristina Miller:   As we all know, fish quality is one of the biggest concerns for fish processors all over the world. Well, scientist and fishermen are now working on a new catch system that will both cut fuel cost in half and help the quality of the fish still be in good shape! The Sumwing, is also said to help with by-catch, so we do not over fish unwanted species!

2 thoughts on “Cool new gear to help preserve fish quality!”

  1. AND it is so much better for the environment!! This is really HUGE news!!! Trawlers are one of the biggest menaces of the sea floor – we will be going over this in class.

  2. BUT… I am wondering regarding the veracity of their claims… Electrofishing does not work in salt water because of the osmoregulatory balance of fish with the ocean environment. I think I may just bug them and see what they have to say about that.

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