Relatives are Stinky, Grisly, and Rotten!

Hagfish - 20 days dead

Posted by Rebecca Havens.   In an attempt to make the connection between the first vertebrate creatures  and our own evolutionary processes researchers,  at the University of Leicaster,  have started looking at the deterioation of fish. Since many of the parts of fish are fleshy and the details are lost to rot, a group of researchers are looking at how they rot. Performing this stinky research has helped to create a picture of the transformations that were taking place at this point in our evolutionary history. Just like the FBI’s infamous ‘body farm’ they are letting different fish rot and are monitoring the rates and stages of rot. This research is providing a ‘key’ by which we can judge if we leapt thru morphological changes or if they actually took millions of years.

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  1. Wow! I used to want to go into paleontology; perhaps this is the best way to combine my interests in modern and ancient fish! I think this one is even more fun than the whale snot research!

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