New fish and crustacean species discovered in 23,000 ft Trench

Posted by Ryan Morrill:   Scientists have recently discovered a new species of fish and crustacean in a deep water trench almost 23,000 feet deep.   A team effort of marine biologists from Scotland, New Zealand, and Japan used deep-sea imaging technologies to take thousands of photos at depths between 4500 m and 8000 m in the Peru – Chile trench below the South East Pacific.   Previously thought to be void of fish, the scientists found diverse and abundant animals including a new species of snailfish.   Another new find was the large shrimp-like eurythene, a type of arthropod.   The cameras also caught a 22 hour feeding frenzy of cusk-eels (ophidiids), but it is unknown at this time if these are also a new species of eel.   This expedition is a result of other deep trench discoveries near Japan and New Zealand.   It was the scientific hypothesis that each trench hosts its own unique species of fish.   This 3 week research trip has found life at even greater depths than was expected.

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