Walden Pond just got a little more interesting.

Posted by Kira Baranowski: Walden Pond just got a little more interesting. Thoreau would probably get a kick out of this. Early this September, a local resident was taking a seemingly average swim in Walden Pond in Massachusetts. What she first thought to be thousands of seeds was actually thousands of jellyfish. These jellyfish were never found before in Walden Pond because they can lie in a dormant state for many years. So far, these jellies have been found in about 5 Massachusetts lakes since they were first discovered. They are capable of stinging, however, the stings go unnoticed by most people. Interestingly, the jellyfish disappear just as quickly as they reappear. Because they appear without warning and don’t last long at all, very little is known about these fascinating creatures

article link:https://www.boston.com/news/science/articles/2010/09/10/mystery_blooms_on_walden_pond/

Video of these fantastical jellies

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