Industry Fights Altered Salmon

Posted by Brandon Taylor: The fishing industries across the United States are facing threats from a possible Food and Drug Administration approval of genetically modified salmon for human consumption. The hormones used to raise these atlantic salmon are growth hormones found in another salmon to help it grow twice as fast as a normal farmed salmon. Many people including Lisa Murkowski think that putting these modified fish into the food industry is stupid and dangerous. The hormones could cause problems with humans that consume them and it would reduce the demand for commercially caught fish. If the demand for commercial fish goes down then thousands of fisherman will lose money every year. Another threat posed by these modified fish is they could contaminate the wild stocks of salmon in Alaska. Overall it is risky and stupid to introduce these fish to the U.S.

5 thoughts on “Industry Fights Altered Salmon”

  1. Definitely a topical post that should generate some nice discussion in class. Seems that a risk analysis of this new technology needs to include a lot of variables – ecological, economic, and human health. Good job!

  2. Ofcourse approval of farm fish would signal the end of wild stock commercial fishery. Mayby the commercial boys will start catching fish strictly to for fish consumption instead of human. Any way, genetically altered farmed salmon is a bad idea.

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