06-Changes to Canada’s fisheries law alarm biologists

In 2012, Canada enacted the Fisheries Act that stripped away the protection over freshwater species. The law to protect the fish began in 1868 and protected all fish and their habitat. It now restricts the protections over fish that are “part of the commercial, recreational, or aboriginal fishery and only against serious harm.” (Clifton) About 80% of Canada’s fish are at risk of extinction. This could effect fish in the United States as well.


05-Cod Fishing Catches Plummet in Waters off New England

This article is about the decrease of cod in New England. With the decrease of population, fisheries are beginning to wonder if cod fishing is history now. Last year was one of the worst years with bringing in less than 170,000 pounds into Maine. In the 1990’s, cod fishing was abundant with fishermen bringing in 21 million pounds in a year. It was found in 2014 that the spawning population had reached its lowest point in history. They do not have high hopes that there will be much recruitment for the time being.


Article about reorienting fishery policy

Here is an interesting article written in Fall 2004.  Despite it is almost 13 years ago, it still addresses the concerns for catch limits.  If these policies were not set, I do believe the stock of our fish species in Alaska could have been affected.  Our fish and habitat need substantial time to rebound in its population and natural environment, and I commend the efforts of the fishery managements on doing so.  That is what this story is about…reorienting fishery policy toward ecosystems and reorganizing the institutional structure of ocean policy.

https://issues.org/21-1/sanchirico/ retrieved April 6, 2017

News with Fins 4 “Fishermen call for early meeting about Kuskokwim salmon”

In Bethel, AK residents are trying to work out a salmon management plan for the Kuskokwim River with state biologists. There are signs showing that there will be a decline in the amount of fish in the river. They want a plant to be created as soon as possible so that it doesn’t come about while people are putting camp together so they can fish. The King salmon run has been decreasing over the past five years. They are hoping to have a meeting scheduled in March.


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